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Some interesting information regarding the 1680 red 660Ft= 200m dialed Submariner

I believe more time and research has been given to the 200m=660Ft red dialed 1680 variant then has the later two other types of red dials.
In reality the Rolex produced 660Ft= 200m red dial versions are the more ubiquitous Submariners which most collectors own.

I have been collecting, selling, and observing the Red dialed 1680 Sub for many years now. Until recently, I realized that the closed "6" version of the 660 Ft =200 m seems to be produced in far less numbers the open "6" variant. My belief is, that the closed "6" red dial version was produced around the 37xxxxx and up serial number range.
The open and closed "6" dials were obviously placed in the 1680 Submariners but far fewer closed "6" red dials were made. The classical understanding was that closed "6" red dial replaced the open "6" around that 37xxxx serial range. But my belief is that both open and closed "6" dials were made simultaneously until towards the end of the red dial production run.

In regards to the production time period of the open and closed "6" 660 Ft =200 m dials, the open "6" red dials from what I have observed dated back to 1969 or so. A far longer production run then the closed 660 Ft =200 m dialed had. But when the closed "6" red dial came onto the red dial timeline around the 37xxxxx serial the open "6" was also being produced.

In my travels I have observed more open "6" 660 Ft =200 m dials then the closed the"6" brother in watches. Logically given the smaller production window of the closed "6" 660 Ft =200 m dial and the introduction of the all white font 1680 dial towards the 40xxxxx serial number range, the closed "6" might be more rarer of a dial the we think.

Besides the configuration of the numbers on these two dials, the fonts also have some subtle difference. The red paint covering the white fonts texture and application are different as well. Compare the two images and see if one can pick out the little nuances between the two dials. Below

from the AAKVIPER collection an open "6" red dial example.

and a closed "6" red dial from my AAKVIPER collection

some more watches with red fonts on the dial from the AAKVIPER COLLECTION.

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